The Casona
de Indias

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A place with a history

José Martino emigrated to Cuba in the middle of the 19th century. He left his family and life in Fuentes, Piloña, with the hope of finding a better future in the Americas, in the “Indias”. At that time, things were not easy for a family of 12 siblings in the rural Asturias.

Martino settled in Havana’s Vedado neighbourhood and, with great efforts, managed to make his fortune. Grocery shops, restaurants, lottery administrations… and his memories of his hometown. Like so many other Indianos, he wanted to show his success by building in 1878 what is now Casona de Indias. There is a twin house to the Casona in Havana.

Casona de Indias does not want the story of José, or any other successful or unsuccessful Indiano, to be forgotten. These anonymous heroes sacrificed their lives with the desire to achieve a better life for themselves and their families, giving up so much. These are stories of courage, effort and work.

With absolute respect and admiration, this house, your house, is a humble tribute to all of them. Casona de Indias has been lovingly restored and refurbished, maintaining its original character with touches of modernity. It is an Indiano mansion from the end of the 19th century with 7 double rooms, two of them with capacity for 3 adults, distributed on two floors. The common areas include a lounge-gallery with stunning views of the Sueve, Ponga and Picos de Europa mountain range and also a dining room, a garden and free parking.

All rooms have ensuite bathroom with bath or shower, hairdryer, quality toiletries, flat screen TV, Climalit windows, and the rooms on the first floor have sloping wooden ceilings and Velux windows.

You are on the official website of the Casona de Indias Hotel, in Piloña, Asturias. That is why we can offer you the best possible price, as well as unique offers, an immediate booking and a direct treatment.

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